FIRST Robotics 

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is an international program that was created to inspire students and push them towards hands-on experiences in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (or STEAM for short). The program divides children aged 6-9 into Jr. FLL, 9-14 into FLL, and high school students into FRC. These are the three main branches of the FIRST program, and they collectively consist of over a hundred thousand students, volunteers, mentors and sponsors from around the world. These people all join to form teams that hope to accomplish the task set by FIRST for each respective program annually. Jr. FLL, FLL and FRC are all designed to test the creativity and imagination of the students while building a strong skill set. All of the branches of FIRST allow students to learn and work independently, by finding unique solutions to a multitude of challenging problems.

About Us 

Started after the success of FRC Team 1241 - THEORY6 in 2013, Team 1285 - The BIG BANG was created to provide rookie students with training experience in the world of robotics. First and second year students gain a more hands on experience, helping them implement STEM and robotics in everyday life, as well as preparing them for THEORY6 as they move up into higher grades.

With help from our sponsors GM Canada, Pratt & Whitney, Johnston Industrial Plastics, Templeton and Sons, CSC, and our professional and experienced mentors, the team has drafted students to learn lifelong skills with the goal of excelling at what we do and having a great time. The Big Bang consistently encourages the use of Gracious Professionalism, a practice which calls for respect, integrity, honesty and collaboration. Team 1285 has used these skills to amass wins in FRC competitions, mentor other teams, and earn several different awards such as Greater Toronto East Regional Winner at their first regional competition, Gracious Professionalism, Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors and Dean's List Finalist Award. The Big Bang aims to implement robotics and STEAM into outreach initiatives, as well as giving back to the community in pure outreach.

FRC Team 1285 - The BIG BANG would like to wish all teams good luck this year!

Our Mentors

Corey Lehman - Manufacturing Technology Teacher

  • Alumni or Industry Mentor: Teacher/ Mentor
  • Currently at: Rick Hansen Secondary School
  • Special Skills: Manufacturing Technology, Leadership
  • Position: Manufacturing Technology Teacher
  • Parthiv Shah

  • Alumni or Industry Mentor: Alumni Mentor
  • Graduated Year from RHSS (if Alumni): 2006
  • Currently at: Associate HVAC Controls Engineer–Honeywell International Inc.
  • Special Skills: Design process, proficient in 2D and 3D CAD, Project Management and Organizational Skills
  • Position: FRC Design Lead Mentor, FRC Design Workshop Developer,FLL Judge
  • Max Guan

  • Alumni or Industry Mentor: Alumni Mentor
  • Graduated Year from RHSS (if Alumni): 2013
  • Currently at: McMaster University
  • Special Skills:
  • Position: Design Mentor and Coach